1. Aha Moment
Момент внезапного прозрения, понимания или вдохновения.

My aha moment was when I tried yellow instead of blue for the background.”
Frank’s aha moment came when he realized Sheila liked him.”

2. Bucket List
Список вещей, которые человек хочет сделать, прежде чем умрет. 

“Both Bob and Phil had skydiving on their bucket list, so they hooked up this summer to go skydiving together.”
“I just ate an entire container of Fudge Marshmallow Explosion ice cream. I can cross that off my bucket list.”

3. Earworm
Песня, которая вертится в голове, будто по команде заевшей кнопки “repeat”

“I woke up this morning with an earworm and have been humming ‘White Christmas’ all day.”
“Jack hated the new commercial, but the tune turned into an earworm that he couldn’t shake for days.”

4. Energy Drink
Энергетические напитки, которые добавляют сил и бодрости. 

“After three energy drinks and half a pot of coffee, Annabelle realized she could now run in four directions at once.”
“Take care with energy drinks, as they contain compounds that dissolve the calcium in your teeth.”

5. F-bomb
Использование определенных слов, которые начинаются с буквы «F», которые едва ли входят в список дозволенных в приличном обществе. 

“Everything went well until the man became agitated and started dropping f-bombs.”
“Bernie accidentally hit us with an f-bomb but quickly apologized.”

6. Game Changer
Неожиданный поворот событий, который кардинально изменяет условия ситуации или исход дела.

“The touchdown proved to be a game changer, and the Packers won 27-22.”
“Francine’s degree was a game changer: she now has a nice house on the north side of town.”

7. Gassed
Это слово может означать состояние либо усталости, либо опьянения. 

“After back-to-back 8-hour shifts at work, Mike was completely gassed and slept for twelve hours.”
“I only had two drinks, but it was on an empty stomach. I was gassed and needed a ride home.”

8. Gastropub
Заведение, которое отождествляется с хорошим алкоголем и отменной кухней. 

“Mickey the Hatchet opened a bar, but his amazing talent for cooking burgers turned it into a popular gastropub.”
“My favorite gastropub is known for gourmet sandwiches.”

9. Man Cave
Комната, главным дизайнером которой выступил мужчина, фанатеющий спортом. 

“Bob remodeled the basement into a man cave, complete with a big-screen television and football posters.”
“We are all invited to Howard’s man cave to watch the games on Sunday.”

10. Sexting
Отправка откровенных фотографий или сообщений с помощью мобильного телефона. 

“Liza is not the type of girl to be caught sexting at school.”
“When I said I was sexting a friend, Mom almost choked on her coffee, and we laughed for ten minutes.”